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Ubuntu 10.4 VPNC Cisco Connection

  • Install vpnc Client
    sudo apt-get install vpnc
  • sudo create file in “/etc/vpnc/” called “*something*.conf” <- creating config file

edit file and place information

IPSec gateway
IPSec ID GroupID
IPSec secret GroupPassword
Xauth username VPNUsername
Xauth password VPNPassword

  • sudo vpnc-connect *something* <- e.g if file was work.conf then sudo vpnc-connect work
  • sudo vpnc-disconnect <- Disconnect from VPN

Not needed, but SCRIPT login/logout:

  • create file on desktop called “
  • place below script in file and amend connection string.

echo “You Sure you want to connect to
read var_1
sudo vpnc-connect *something*
echo -n “Please ENTER again to disconnect”
read var_2
sudo vpnc-disconnect
echo “VPN has been disconnected”
read var_3

  • Run terminal & navigate to location of
  • Type “chmod 777” <- Make script executable
  • click “” from desktop and select run in terminal

Links I used when doing this.

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